Diversional Therapy
Summary of Diversional Therapy

Most of our retired generation either grew up on a farm or had some farm animals living with them. We bring a selection of Australia's most popular farm animals; including an alpaca, a young calf, some kids and lambs, chicks and ducklings, rabbits and guinea pigs.

We can also bring along a pony for either the young people to ride or the young at heart to pat.

Recently we came across an elderly woman in a nursing home who had been there for years and never smiled or communicated with anyone. The nurses couldn't believe their eyes when her whole face lit up and she started speaking in her own language when we sat a four week old lamb in her lap and she fed it a bottle. That's when you realise that it is worth the effort.

Children suffering physical and mental disabilities come alive when they get the opportunity to cuddle and pat our beautiful baby animals. They are fascinated with the ducks and love cuddling the alpaca and pony.

Our enclosure is pram and wheelchair friendly and your residents are welcome to come into the enclosure or we will happily bring the animals out to them. We can either set up inside or outside, whatever is appropriate on the day, all of our mess is cleaned up and the staff would never know we'd been there except for the smiles on everyone's faces.

Our two trained staff members are there to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

Diversional therapy is highly recommended for people of all ages with varying degrees of disabilities.

Please contact us anytime for an obligation free quote, Kidz Zoo mobile animal farm is the largest mobile petting zoo in NSW and we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service.