What do the animals eat and can we feed them?

Most of our baby lambs and kids are bottle fed and will try to schedule feeding to occur during your display time. The remaining animals can be hand fed food that we supply.

Can I catch something from the animals?

As with all animal contact, it is good hygiene practice to wash your hands after play. Kidz Zoo provides hand sanitiser and encourages visitors to the enclosure to ensure they sanitise their hands on departure.

It is also good practice that while playing with the animals that you refrain from touching your face and inform any children you may be supervising to do the same.

We spread straw on the ground to prevent slippage and to absorb any accidents the animals may make. This is not food and we encourage parents to instruct children not to pick this up.

I am organising a fundraising event. Do you offer a discount for charities?

Kidz Zoo provides generously to our chosen charities, but we do offer a reduced rate for most fund raising activities.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

All birthday parties will require a $50 deposit to secure your booking. This is fully refundable if your booking is cancelled due to inclement weather on the day of the display.

How old/young do you have to be to ride the pony?

We have a selection of ponies that cater for most age groups, not just Shetland Ponies. Kidz Zoo generally work on the theory that if you are old enough to sit up then you are old enough to ride our ponies. If you are too big for our ponies then we can bring a horse to your venue.

All ponies are supplied with their own handler and all riders will be required to wear helmets that Kidz Zoo will supply.

How many people can enter the enclosure?

That will depend on the size of the enclosure. Should you require a larger enclosure our fencing is flexible and we can make it to any size you want up to 6m x 4m.

For corporate events, larger sizes can be requested in advance with extra animals.

What happens if it rains?

No problem, you will have the option to cancel, postpone or go ahead. We do provide shelter for the enclosure, but not for the pony rides. Most children are so excited they forget about the rain.

Can I have Kidz Zoo in a park or public place?

Different councils have different requirements. Generally with your application they will ask you for a copy of our insurance which we can supply to you.

Do you have insurance?

As the hirer you can be safe in the knowledge that "Kidz Zoo" is fully approved by the Department of Primary Industries and we can therefore offer you valid public liability insurance of $20m. Unless the animal farm that you book is approved by the DPI, you may find that while they think they have insurance it is not actually valid.....

Can I have the farm indoors, like a hall or activities room?

No problems, Kidz Zoo can supply flooring to protect whatever surface you have.

All we leave is lasting memories.

I don't want a specific animal; can I arrange this?

Quite often there are religious or health concerns and we can assist by swapping certain animals.

I only have a small back yard, can I still have Kidz Zoo?

Our enclosure is totally flexible and we have not found a situation too hard to cater for.

Please advise us at the time of booking what size space you have available.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can book any time, however August to December is very busy and you may need to book a couple of months in advance. We will certainly do what we can to accommodate your requested date.

Do you have specific times available?

No, not really, but we like to do morning or afternoon where possible.

How long does it take to setup and pack up?

We allow half an hour setup and half an hour to pack up. If you feel more than half an hour will be required, please let us know as this may affect pricing.

Please discuss any possible problems relating to setup at the time of booking, as in the end this will affect your display time.

What sort of vehicle can I expect and how much parking do you require?

We have a selection of different types of vehicles, however please let us know if you have special requirements. Generally two adjacent parking spots will be sufficient.